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About us

The company was founded in 1980 in the rich Alentejo lands of the Monte da Colónia estate, in Vale de Seda, Fronteira municipality, by the young couple Manuel and Idalina Pereira, who, for that time, were extremely enterprising and visionary in their way of seeing the future. Involved by this ambition, partnership and daily hard work, they raised the family business that today is so proud of them and that continues to prosper through the hands of their children, António and Manuela Pereira.

The company founder’s legacy was so filled with passion that for their children to continue with the business was nothing but an act of enormous humility and gratitude. Based on this authentic spirit and with the audacity that characterizes them, they sought to absorb in the market all of the innovative processes capable of maintaining and sustaining the business areas that were created in the approximately 1000 hectares during the company's growth; which essentially pass through the production and processing of products grown on site - olive oil, canned olives, wines and the breeding of cattle and sheep.

The old traditional press mill came to be replaced by the highly modernized cold extraction mill, where are currently being used not only olives originating from the 100 hectares of olive grove in Monte da Colónia, but also from the region's olive growers. Per campaign, an average of 200 to 300 thousand liters of olive oil is produced, divided into three qualities - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil – commercialized in bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 2l, 3l and 5l. The olives are processed on the day they are harvested in order to maintain unchanged the quality standards.

From the olive grove of Monte da Colónia, divided into several olive qualities, namely 50% Cobrançosa, 40% Galega and 10% other varieties, canned olives also originate, prepared in the traditional way and commercialized in 250g, 500g, 800g, 2Kg, 3Kg and 5Kg packages.

The success in the viticulture activity was, without a doubt, one of the best rewards that the family has received for the risk that has been taken, and also for investing and believing in the entire process of business growth and innovation in the last 20 years. Nowadays, with all the necessary equipment, they are able to accompany the entire process of creation and growth of each one of their wines, always striving for quality that imperatively results in nectars with a very strong character and personality, moreover, attributes similar to those that truly characterizes this family company.

There are 20 acres occupied by a vast range of grape vine varieties: Aragonez, Cabernet Sauvignon, Arinto, Alicante Bouschet, Castelão, Syrah, Trincadeira, Verdelho and Touriga Nacional out of which an average of 100 thousand liters of Red Wine are produced and divided into several references – Range Entry, Selected Harvest, Syrah Mono Caste, Touriga Nacional, Selection and Reserve; Arinto,Roupeiro and Verdelho, giving rise to 10,000 liters of White Wine; Touriga Nacional, out of which are produced 6,000 liters of Rosé Wine and, finally, the Espumante Bruto. All of that, combined with the soil, the climate, the unity and dedication of the family, its collaborators and the knowledge of the winemaker Rui Vieira, guarantee the fullness of Monte da Colónia wines.

When visiting Monte da Colónia, the guests have the opportunity to live a 100% immersive experience, as they will follow the entire production and transformation cycle of each product. That is the reason why Monte da Colónia is currently becoming a tourist attraction sought by all types of ages and nationalities. The economic impact of this initiative is so relevant that, at the end of the experiment, the purchase of products at the existing store in Monte da Colónia, skyrocketed considerably, forcing the company to reinvent itself and take out of the drawer some projects that have been on standby before with the aim to monetize the business as a whole.

It was in this perspective of sustainable growth, that at the beginning of 2020 the company invested in the construction of a Distillery, where it will be created a new line of products - Aguardentes, Abafados, Gin, which are expected to appear in 2021.