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About us

Our company was founded in 1980 by my parents at the time a youth with strong expectations for the future , a lot of ambition and team spirit , and it was then decided to risk it began to rise with our company in the market today . We are headquartered in Valley Silk / Frontier , we are a company mainly family-oriented , where both I and my brother worked , both with higher education .

We decided to join us and our parents and the way they continue previously initiated, the progress and innovation in our business area , based on the production and processing of products grown on-site , olive oil , pickled olives and wine as well as the creation of cattle and sheep .

Currently an oil mill extraction cold highly modernized , which replaced the traditional mill presses , where not only our labora olive, derived from our olive groves , as well as some growers in our region . This mill produces on average 200-300 m liters per year , divided into two kinds of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil , extra virgin olive oil DOP , and also sometimes in Biological olive oil , sold in bottles of 250ml , 500ml , 750ml , 2l , 3l and 5l . The olives are processed the day they harvested so this way it maintains the quality of the olive Monte Cologne .

Regarding Vitivinicultura an activity much more recent , state only 12 years on the market , but by the way very well designed , as we slowly managed to acquire all the necessary equipment so we can do the whole process from the harvest , fermentation , bottling , labeling , cold system , finally have everything equipped to facilitate not only the process , as our work and still meet the best customer desires . On average produce 100ml liters of red wines divided into several references (red normal crop selected , varietal Syrah , Alicante Bouschet and reservae bag in box ) , 10ml liters of varietal white one arinto , 6 ml liters of rosé varietal Aragonez one occupying thus an area of 20 hetares vineyard with grapes , Aragonez , cabernet sauvignon , arinto , alicante Bouschet , castellan , syrah , trincadeira , verdelho , etc ... the combination between the soil and climate, to know the winemaker Eng.Rui Vieira , the family and our dedication of all our employees who has accompanied us throughout these years , then there is the fine wine of Monte Cologne .

With an area of 600 hetares with diverse characteristics are well explored various species of plants and animals , especially cattle and sheep species , plant species can highlight the 100 hetares olive grove composed of various qualities of olive cobraçonsa namely 50%, 40 % of Galician and 10% other varieties . Subdivided by olives for olive oil and olives for canning , the latter being sold in packs of 250gr , 500gr , 800gr , 5kg , having as main characteristic the traditional way how it is prepared .

In terms of marketing our products , these are sold directly from our shop in Valley Silk for resale , and most of it is made in the Lisbon area , currently we also engage in some foreign markets .

Now that you know a bit of the history of this small family business , it is time to also know why our brand is Monte Colony . The choice of the name has to do mainly with the fact that in terms atura aimed at opening a rural tourism homestead in Monte Colony , ie , on the Mount of Cologne , intending so our products olive oil, olives and wine , were marketing tool for rural tourism and vice versa . But having no possibility to put this project in motion , at your risk , as we decided to give up and improving , modernizing our equipment, facilities and consequently our products ... And then in 2009 we decided to open a shop , with the mill, winery and plant olives in order to not only sell our products but also those of other producers , always looking for different products and quality regional products , gourmet , Dop , biological , and even giving the possibility of visiting us at our store able to enjoy a warm , breathe the fresh country air and green vineyards .

Despite the severe economic crisis that our country and almost all of us are going through , we promise that it will slowly continue our path , and develop new projects as soon as possible all interconnected with the current, so that a greater diversity, innovation and profitability both of our spaces as well as the county in which we operate Frontier . And then here is that we have a new renovation project of our site and the opening of an online store.