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Conditions of use

1. Purpose and Scope

1.1. This document ( " Usage Policy " ) defines , together with the Privacy Policy of the Website , the general rules of use of the website , its channels and services (together referred to as " Portal " ) .

1.2. This Use Policy also complements the specific conditions ( " EC " ) of the website services that depend on registration, if any, does not prevent the application of its rules .

1.3. In case of contradiction between the Use Policy and the EC services the latter must prevail .

1.4. Monte da Colonia informs that neither Policy Use of the Site or the EC services depart the application of mandatory rules , including the Code of Copyright and Related Rights , the Industrial Property Code , the Computer Crime Law and Code Publicity, or other conditions defined for access and / or use of the Website .

2 . recipients

2.1. This Use Policy applies to those who use the portal regardless of its quality user - sporadic , frequent or registered - and the purpose of access or usage.

2.2. By using the Portal the user is to accept the Usage Policy which , at each moment, is in force and must be observed.

2.3. It is the duty of the user to consult periodically Policy Use of the Site .

3 . Use of the Site

The user may access and use resources of the portal for all shapes and / or authorized platforms .

4 . Intellectual Property Rights

4.1. The company says the materials , content and portal software produced or developed by third parties are likely to be protected by intellectual property rights .

4.2. The reproduction, alteration , copy , use, distribution , commercialization , public communication or private use , download or otherwise use and exploit the material and content of the Website ( including, without limitation , its design , shape and form of presentation) is not permitted without the prior written consent of the company or the third party owners of the rights in question .

4.3. You agree not to modify any software , whatever the form , or to use modified forms of software in order to , inter alia , to gain unauthorized access to any part of the Website .

5 . security

5.1. Any act or attempted modification of materials , content or software load information from unauthorized access or other action that may cause damage or endanger the integrity , continuity or quality of the Portal are not allowed include:

( i ) Violation of systems security or authentication that protects access accounts , servers , networks or services ;

( ii ) or obtain unauthorized access to any data unrelated , personal or not , getting any practice prohibited Phishing ;

( iii ) unauthorized search of vulnerabilities or weaknesses in access accounts , servers , services , networks, particularly in detecting systematic response services ( Scan ) ;

( iv ) Entry into computer systems , networks or services without the express permission of the account holder or (Break In) ;

( v) Actions aimed overload sabotage or sabotage the operation of services of PTC or third parties (Denial of Service) ;

(vi ) mass delivery of packets ( Flooding ) ;

( vii ) Intercept and / or unlawful interference or undue ( and attempted ) on any data , systems or equipment not authorized to do so;

( viii ) use of remote computers for routing traffic ;

( ix ) modification , adaptation, translation or decompilation ( reverse engineering ) of any portion of the software owned by the company , and

( x ) Violation or attempted violation of the rules for the protection of technological measures and information for electronic management of the rights contained in the Code of Copyright and Related Rights .

5.2. The company shall have the right at any time and without notice, make the necessary arrangements , including restrictions or access restrictions to ensure the integrity , security, continuity or quality of the Portal .

6 . General User Conduct

6.1. The user , in accordance with the law and this Use Policy , undertakes not to use the Site in a manner that is likely to violate legally protected positions the company or third parties , and shall make an application to be responsible , prudent and careful and not disrupt or degrade the continuity, integrity and quality of the features and functionality of the Portal .

6.2. The user should refrain from trying to obtain information , messages, graphics , drawings , sound files and / or images , photographs, recordings , videos and software , and generally any kind of material or content available on the Portal using means or procedures distinct from those that have been made available to them or they use regularly on the Internet for this purpose , and may not , in any case , using a method that affects the functionality of the Website or any application.

6.3 . Except as authorized under the company , you may not use or exploit the commercial form , by any means or support services , including its contents , materials , features or resources .

7 . General Liability User

7.1. The user is solely responsible for all content (eg images , videos ) , information, data , communications , including its Annexes , materials , etc . , Which has made available in any way via the Portal or you have stored on company servers .

7.2 . The user undertakes to obtain the necessary permits prior to use or access in any way , material subject to intellectual property rights or the rights of a different nature - such as image rights - the company or third parties.